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Great American Roofing has been a Southlake Texas Roofing Contractor since 1982 when the company was established across the highway in Grapevine, making this company one of the earliest roofing companies in the area. Southlake was a sleepy rural community when we started our business. Things have definitely changed around this area in the last twenty nine years. One thing has not changed; Great American Roofing is still serving this community. Some of our early customers, from over two decades ago, still call us for their roofing needs. Very few Southlake roofing contractors can say that.

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When we first started working in Southlake, the roofs were either asphalt shingles or wood shingles. Today wood shingles are out of vogue, and asphalt shingles have increased in popularity. Standing seam and tile are frequently used on roofs of upscale homes. These are all products that we install and service. When a hailstorm occurs, roofing contractors will come from all over the United States to solicit business. These roofing contractors will work in the area until most of the roofs have been replaced and then return home or chase another storm. Many times we are called to fix roof problems after a “storm chasing” roofer has left town.

My name is Steve Frady, and I started Great American Roofing. I have always been committed to good workmanship. I want my customers to be satisfied. I hire the very best roof installers I can find. I often pay to send our workers to seminars to learn about new products and techniques, but I have found that it is most important to have workers with good attitudes. I do my best to hire and retain workers who have the right attitude about their job. Because we have good roofers, we have very few warranty issues. If there is a leak or some other problem, we will gladly correct it.

Great American Roofing

99 Trophy Club Drive
Trophy Club, Texas 76262

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> Southlake Texas Roofing Contractor

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