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Roof replacement is something that occurs first in home remodeling. When it comes to replacing a roof, the job should be at the top of the list anytime it is needed. Without a proper roof system in place on the home or business, everything else you do within does not matter. The problem is that the roof provides protection for each of those areas of the building. It takes just one small hole in the roof to lead to significant problems in the long term for your building.

Roof Replacement

There are some instances when you do not need to replace the entire roof. IF you are working with quality Fort Worth or Dallas roofing contractors, you will not find contractors telling you that replacement is necessary in the following situations:

  • If the roof requires only a small patch, or even several small patches, replacement is often not necessary. Patching is effective for isolated instances.

  • If you are doing a set of remodeling projects, it is not necessary to replace the roof first if you plan to do a complete strip out of the building. In all other situations, the roof is often the first repair to be done.

  • You may not have to do a complete replacement of the roof if the underlayment is still in good condition. It is best to turn to a contractor to determine if this is necessary.

In most cases, your roof comes first. If the roof is older than the material used on it recommends, it may be time to replace the roof even if you do not have leaks. In situations of flat roof replacement, it is best to turn to a professional for the repairs or replacement since this job is often much more labor intensive due to the precision necessary.

Determining Cost And Value

When it comes to turning to a contractor to replace the roof, note that costs can be $5000 or more, but sometimes are less. There are a variety of factors playing a role in the cost of replacement, including the overall size of the roof, the material used and the various architectural structures that need attention.

Do You Need A New Roof?

Before you decide on roof replacement, contact a quality contractor and request an inspection. The contractor will fully determine if the repairs are needed or if replacement is the best route to take. In some situations, a new roof is necessary, and will extend the life of the overall building.

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