Trophy Club Roof Replacement and Repair

Trophy Club Tower

There are basic reasons for a roof replacement and repair in Trophy Club -- age and hail damage. Great American Roofing has been working in Trophy Club for almost three decades. We have replaced a few roofs that have worn out from age. Most of the roof replacement and repair we do is due to hail damage because storms hit this area every few years.

As roofs age, they lose the colored stone granules. When the granules are gone, the asphalt is exposed to the U.V. rays and begins to deteriorate. Eventually, the shingles will crumble and cause leaks. When houses are sold, the roof is inspected as part of the process. If the inspector sees too much aging of the roof, the seller will often be required to replace it before closing.

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North Texas hailstorms cause millions of dollars of roof damage each year. Most roofs are replaced because of hail damage. Hail stones cause bruises or depressions in the shingles. These marks are called hits and are usually not visible from the ground. Some hail damage is only discovered after a thorough roof top inspection.

If you suspect you have hail damage, you should call a qualified roofer to make an inspection for you. If your roofer finds damage, you should call your insurance company. They will send out an adjuster to inspect the roof. They will provide you with a report with an initial estimate of costs. You should insist that your roofer review the report and determine if it is fair.

If there are discrepancies, your roofer can work with the adjuster to get you every dollar you have coming. Do not take competitive bids. Find a roofer you trust and he will work for the insurance adjustment. Competitive bids will help the insurance company and hurt you. If you accept a bid from a low cost roofer, the quality of job will go down, and the insurance company will lower the amount of money you receive. By taking a low bid, you have only helped the insurance company. Find a good roofer, and work with them; you will be glad you did.

We hope you will give Great American Roofing a chance to roof your home. We have been taking care of Trophy Club homeowners for many years.

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