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When you need a Roanoke roof company you should consider Great American Roofing. We have been a Roanoke roofing contractor since the early 1980's. My name is Steve Frady and I started Great American Roofing in 1982 in Grapevine, Texas. I began working in Roanoke shortly after starting the company. I have repaired small leaks and I have installed new roofs on large buildings.

Roanoke, Texas Roof Company

One of the first calls I received to work in Roanoke was from the owner of a commercial building in the historic part of town. I looked at the roof and called the owner to tell him that I didn't want to do the job because I was not sure I could fix it. He responded back by saying, "Yes, you can." I told him I wasn't familiar with that type of roof. He said "yes, you can do it." He was going out of town and wanted arrangements for the repair before he left. I finally agreed to do the work. This individual owned many properties in and around Roanoke and I took care of the roofs for many years. Since that time Great American Roofing has grown and expanded into many types of roof systems both residential and commercial.

Roof hail damage occurs very often in Roanoke. Hail hits create soft spots in asphalt shingles. These hits may not be visible from the ground but a professional roofer can locate them on the roof top. When hail damage is identified an insurance claim needs to be filed. The insurance adjuster will inspect the roof. If there are a lot of hits the adjuster will total the roof and give you a report with the amount they plan to pay you. This is where you need a roofing professional to review the claim. A good roof company will know if the adjuster has included everything that needs to be replaced.

Many times insurance adjusters will tell you to get some estimates for your roof replacement. This is not necessary and many home owners receive less insurance money by going with the lowest price. If your insurance adjustment is $9,000.00 and you accept a bid for $8,000.00, the insurance company will lower your claim to the lower number. Insurance companies pay you an initial down payment on your claim and the balance is paid on completion. The second payment will be reduced if you accepted the cheap bid. The roofer with the low bid will need to "cut corners" in order to make a profit. Your new roof will not have the quality that the insurance paid you for if you take the path of the "lowest bidder." The best approach is to find a Roanoke roofing contractor you feel comfortable with.

Let your roof company review the insurance report and deal with the adjuster if necessary. After a hailstorm hundred's of roofers will come to town and knock on doors offering to take care of your claim.

Hiring a roofing contractor this way is a risky business. Statistics show that seventy five percent of roofing contractors are out of business in three years. Ninety five percent of roofing contractors do not last ten years. Great American Roofing has been around for three decades, working in Roanoke and surrounding cities. We hope you choose us to be your roofing contractor.

Great American Roofing

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