Trophy Club Residential Roofing Contractors

Great American Roofing is one of the early Trophy Club residential roofing contractors. My name is Steve Frady and I started Great American Roofing in 1982. My original office was in Grapevine and from the beginning I received calls to work in Trophy Club. At that time, Trophy Club was considered “unincorporated Denton County. New homes were being built everywhere, and much of our work was installing roofs on new homes.

Trophy Club Roofing

The first roofing job I ever worked on in Trophy Club was the result of a late afternoon thunderstorm. A homeowner called who lived on the fairway on Fresh Meadow Drive. He had water coming into his house from a new patio addition that was almost complete. I took a helper with me so we could do an emergency repair. After arriving, I quickly identified the problem. The wood shingles on the patio were nailed on top of the existing roof of the house rather than being tucked under existing shingles and tied in properly. I explained the problem to the home owner, we agree on a price, and work was immediately started about an hour before dark.

I was unaware that the homeowner went into the house and called the builder who had been working on the patio cover. Within ten minutes the builder showed up with his carpenter and began to yell at us while we were working. He said the roof had been installed properly and we didn’t know what we were doing. The homeowner came outside, and settled him down, and he left.

We finished the work, and I went home feeling really bad about what had just occurred. The next day the builder called me and asked if I would roof one of his houses. We did all of his roofs after that. Who knew? That was in the spring of 1982. We have been working on roofs in Trophy Club ever since.

How many Trophy Club roofing contractors have been working here for twenty-nine years like us? Roofing companies come and go. Sometimes they only exist for a few months just to exploit a hailstorm or a strong local economy. Many times they are merely salesmen who have very little knowledge of roofing.

I started out as a hands-on roofer. I have had years of experience with consistent training and updates. I strive to over- deliver to my customers, giving them the very best advice and workmanship.

I started Great American Roofing to not only perform good work, but also to be respectful of my customer’s property and wishes. Over the years, we have learned to be lean and flexible. If you only need a repair, we will not try to sell you a full replacement. If you need a replacement, we will help you choose a product that is best for your house and compatible with your neighborhood.

I learned early on in my career to hire quality roofers. Our workers are experienced and have training. I have sent many of our workers to seminars where they have received certifications in the latest materials and techniques. Beyond training and experience, our roofers must have a good attitude. All these factors together contribute to a good roof installation with satisfied customers.

Any warranties issued by any Trophy Club residential roofing contractors are worthless if the company is no longer in business or has moved on to the next hailstorm in Colorado. If a roof is installed properly, there is rarely a warranty issue. Roofers are human and sometimes mistakes happen around chimneys and other flashings.

We are around to take care of any leak or other warranty problem. I had a customer in Denton that had a problem ten years after the warranty expired. I fixed the problem and did not charge for it because I felt like it should not have happened that soon. When you hire us, we will strive to over-deliver on quality and stand behind our work. Our history proves this.

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