Residential Roofer in Trophy Club

I have been a Trophy Club residential roofer for a long time. In fact, I have been in business longer than most companies operating there today. Great American Roofing was founded in 1982 and has been serving Trophy Club and surrounding areas ever since. Our longevity is one of the traits that sets us apart from other Trophy Club roofers.

Trophy Club Texas Roofing

In the early days, the only roof products allowed in Trophy Club were wood shingles and tile. As wood shingles became less popular, other products were allowed such as asphalt shingles and stone coated steel. Asphalt shingles have become the roof product that is used the most because of their moderate price and proven track record. Most of the early tile roofs were installed over 1” x 4” wood battens with no underlayment. When these tiles develop a crack, leaks are almost certain. That is one of many reasons to work with an established roofer.

Our many years of experience enables us to handle difficult flashing details with expertise. We can make recommendations that are customized for your specific home. There are many new roofing products to choose from. The basic principles of roofing remain the same. A roofer must pay attention to the details and transitions. If your roofer does not handle flashing details correctly, you could end up with new shingles but still have leaks.

We have references from local people that go back to the 1980s. If you have a problem with your roof after we have finished our work, we will correct it promptly. That being said, we don’t have many warranty problems. We strive to over deliver on quality.

We carry insurance and take out permits when we replace roofs in Trophy Club. If you have a small leak or need a new roof, please contact Great American Roofing.

Great American Roofing

99 Trophy Club Drive
Trophy Club, Texas 76262

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