Leaky Roof Repair:
Common Leak Locations

Leaky roof repair happens in virtually all situations. Even if you use the best system for your roof, chances are good that you may end up with a leak at some point. Due to the conditions a roof is constantly under, and due to the material wearing down over time, leaks happen. The good news is that most leak repairs are easy to handle and do not require a long term, or highly expensive, investment in a new roof. Rather, if you have numerous leaks or you have significant leaks, it may be time to look for a replacement rather than a repair.

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One of the things that is important to know is where roof leaks happen most commonly. This way, you can determine the best way to tackle the underlying problem. Here are some examples of common leaking.

  • The roof field is the most common location for leaks in older roofs. This includes all of the shingles and slate, or other covering on the roof.

  • Look to the valleys, too. Valleys are those areas where two roof planes come together and intersect.

  • Flashings are a common problem in virtually every area where they come up against another surface. In situations where your roof stops at a vertical wall, the flashing may be the problem.

  • Wall step flashing is another area. This is areas where the roof climbs up alongside the vertical wall.

  • Chimneys are often a source of leaking. Since these have four flashings that is for more areas where you could end up with a problem.

  • Plumbing vents, furnace vents and B vent flashing all are additional areas where leaks easily occur. Here, the flashing can easily pull away from the surface, leading to the leak.

Fixing Leaks

Until you know where the leaks are, you cannot repair them. Repairing the leak from where it is coming into the home is not enough. You need to find the source of the leak before you can repair roof leaks for good. Once you do find the leak, you then need to use roofing cement or replacement sections to repair the actual area.

Hiring A Contractor Is Often Best

If you are unsure where the leak is coming from, or you are struggling to find the best possible solution, hire a roofing contractor. You can call on a Fort Worth or Dallas roofing contractor to handle even the investigation of where the leak is coming from. Doing so could help you to solve this problem of leaky roof repair faster.

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