Flat Roof Leak Repair:
Your Options

When it comes to flat roof leak repair, you have several options. You can handle this problem through a patching system or you can replace the roof and built it up so that it is no longer a flat surface. A flat surface does not drain water properly. Unless the roofing system installed creates its own water drainage system, water will accumulate on the surface, which can lead to quick damage to the actual roof, rafters and so forth. Each situation is different, but in many, this is a situation to call a roofing contractor for.

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Patching is an option many people choose to go with to repair roof damage to a flat roof. It can work well, but you do have to take some additional steps to ensure that the surface is repaired. The biggest problem with patching is that this type of roof holds standing water, which means you need to create a watertight repair. That is still difficult to do since these roofing systems do not dry off easily.

  • Be sure to clear the hole properly before attempting any repair. Small gravel, for example, will keep that watertight seal from happening.

  • Cut out the damaged area fully. Remove any layers with damage, including the second layer if necessary.

  • You can then cut a replacement from roll roofing or from asphalt shingles to put in place. Be sure that the new piece is the same size as the previous piece removed.

  • Place roofing cement on the cutout area as well as over the edges. Fit it into place and nail around it to hold it in.

  • Then, cut another patch that is at least four inches larger than the first one. This will overlap the other. Use roof cement to create a three inch perimeter.

Be Sure To Get The Entire Leak

When using this method to repair roof leaks, cover the entire area properly. It is critical to do this to get a quality seal around the edges. You also need to spot any additional holes or leaking areas and repair those.

Hire A Contractor

This process is best for those smaller leaks. In most situations, it is best to contact a Fort Worth or Dallas roofing contractor instead. The contractor will ensure the flat roof leak repair goes properly and that you do not have any additional leakage later on. Focus on choosing a method that works for your budget, but also your roof’s long term health.

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