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Need a Dallas roofing repairs? A roofing leak in Dallas is a common occurrence after heavy rains. Dallas and all of North Texas is an area of extreme weather.

Roof Leak Dallas

Summertime temperatures frequently exceed 100 degrees. The temperature of the roof shingles is even greater. In winter, the temperature can drop down to the teens. These weather extremes cause expansion and contraction in the roof material. This type of stress can cause cracks and gaps, which allow a roofing leak to develop in the Dallas rains.

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Great American Roofing began repairing roofing leaks in Dallas in the early 1980s. One of those early repairs was at Primrose Oil off of Denton Drive. Great American Roofing was referred to them by their air conditioner vendor. This was a flat multiply asphalt roof with a gravel surface. The workers at Great American Roofing were able to reinforce some of the roof transitions that received a lot of movement with the weather extremes. We have been repairing roofing leaks in the Dallas and Fort Worth area ever since.

A rain shower after a period of weather extremes can often produce new roofing leaks. These leaks can usually be fixed for a moderate cost. Great American Roofing has a highly experienced group of roofing specialists who can find and repair your roofing leak in Dallas and all of North Texas. We strive to over-deliver with a thorough analysis of the affected roof area. Workers will begin by viewing the inside of the building to look for clues under the roof deck. This helps to determine the area of the roof to investigate. Usually, the roofing leak will be caused by a faulty or deteriorated pipe flashing or some other penetration. Sometimes there is storm damage or missing material. When the source of the roofing leak is found, the defective material is replaced which results in a solid repair that can be guaranteed for a full year.

This owner has seen many attempts that amateurs have made when trying to repair a roofing leak in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. Many times a well-intentioned individual will buy a gallon of roof coating from a local home center and pour over the area of the leak hoping the coating will find the hole and seal the leak. This just creates a big mess for the roofer to clean up and results in greater expense. Coatings are good for protecting the existing material from further UV deterioration, but coatings rarely stop leaks on their own. Expansion and contraction of the roofing materials will cause holes or cracks to open up unless there is proper reinforcement in the repair.

Consider Great American Roofing when you have Dallas roofing needs or leaks in Dallas, Fort Worth and North Texas.


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