Commercial Flat Roofing:
What To Expect

Commercial flat roofing is one of the most important types of roofing systems to monitor. While this type of roofing is acceptable throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth region, it is still important to ensure it is the best option for your particular needs. Further, you need to consider the materials used in this process. Unlike a roof with an angle, water cannot drain easily off the roof, leading to potential problems in the long term. With the right contractor, though, and the right materials, you can decrease this risk substantially.

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Flat roofs, also called low sloped roofs, can provide several problems for the building’s owner.

  • Some of the materials commonly used in roofing are not reliable in these flat surface areas.

  • You also may find yourself facing additional problems if you do not hire a professional to manage the installation. Installation problems and mistakes lead to the most expensive problems with roofing. The roofing system will fail if installation is not done properly.

  • Some insurance companies no longer provide insurance for buildings with a flat roof due to the difficulties with the roofing materials or installation. The roof’s ability to withstand the elements is often challenged by these companies.

If you are facing any of these problems, or you wish to avoid them, it is best to work with a quality contractor for the installation. Some materials just do not work well in this particular roof type. Without a way for water to easily run off, it will puddle and slowly seep into the underlying wood. That leads to damage including molding and rotting. Eventually the roof fails as a direct result.

A Contractor Can Help

When hiring commercial roofing contractors for your flat roof, focus on contractors who will provide you with advice on the materials to use. Instead of traditional materials and shingles, consider a modified bitumen type of product, for example. You contractor can tell you if this product is right for your needs, but in short it is a product that contains plastic or rubber like properties. This helps to ensure that there is better protection from the elements.

Consider Your Contractor

A Dallas roofing contractor is a professional you need to work with for this type of project. Avoid trying to install commercial flat roofing yourself or with an inexperienced roofing company. Select a professional company experienced with this unique type of roofing need to ensure the finished roof provides years of protection.

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